Je vous présente: Roi Soleil

Roi Soleil (Sun King) performs ‘Frenglish pop with a dash of queer glitter’. Rotterdam based singer Matthijs Rijsdijk has always been fascinated by pop icons and is ready to provide the world another one.

Inspired by pop culture, languages, queerness, history and basically his own experiences in this crazy crazy life: Roi Soleil was born.

He released his first singles Cake, Flamenco Femme and Cygne Noir in 2021 after performing his music already live through The Netherlands. 2022 has more singles in store and a debut EP called ‘Papillon’.

If MIKA, Lady Gaga, Stromae, Yelle, Years & Years and the Eurovision Song Contest would create a love baby: Roi Soleil would definitely come out. Hope you will enjoy his music, live shows and videos.

Bisous, Roi Soleil.