Roi Soleil en Concert!

From the 24th until the 27th of May I perform my own band shows at O. Festival in Theater Rotterdam.

Get your tickets now!

Roi Soleil – Papillon EP

The first EP Papillon is now available in the form of a CD with seven tracks on it. You can also buy T-Shirts with the Jip Warmerdam design on it by texting, DM’ing, mailing me or come to one of my live shows. Get yours now and support the Sun King <3.

Lyrics & Music: Roi Soleil
Production/Mix: Valentijn Mallee & Mischa Dirksen

Artwork: Jip Warmerdam & Alina Stefan
Special thanks: TimeWindow, Popunie

Hommes de Lune – Single Release

Hommes de Lune was the first collaboration with Mischa Dirksen <3. It’s about a night I remember vividly when I was 19, très bleu and living in Brussels.

Music & lyrics: Roi Soleil
Production & Mix: Mischa Dirksen
Photo: Ole Zumpolle

La Suisse – Music Video

In collaboration with Studio Rewind we created this animated music video for ‘La Suisse’. Enjoy!

Music & lyrics: Roi Soleil
Production & Mix: Mischa Dirksen

Animated by: Thom van Vliet
Special thanks to: Popunie Rotterdam

Cygne Noir – Single Release

My oh so dear to my heart song Cygne Noir is available on all streaming services. We also made a music video: check it out on YouTube.

Music & lyrics: Roi Soleil
Mix: Valentijn Mallee
Artwork: Jip Warmerdam & Alina Stefan

Grote Prijs Rotterdam 2021

I performed at the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam in the category of singer-songwriter at Theater Zuidplein.

Special thanks to: Popunie Rotterdam

Flamenco Femme – Second Single Release

I released my second single Flamenco Femme in June 2021. This song tells the story of my Hispanic husband Juan, who has been cheating on me. Now he’s about to get killed in a fierce Telenovela rap scene. Ay, qué pasión.

Music & lyrics: Roi Soleil
Music producer: Valentijn Mallee
Artwork: Alina Fejzo
MUAH: Alina Stefan

Cake – Music Video

Check out the sugarsweet music video that we made for my first single ‘Cake’.

Cast: Roi Soleil, Loulou Hameleers, Jip Bartels
Director: Jip Warmerdam

Music & lyrics: Roi Soleil
Producer: Valentijn Mallee

Special thanks to: Popunie Rotterdam & A Cup of Cake Breda

Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2020 – Messe

My show Messe premiered at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2020 at Pllek.

Cast: Roi Soleil, Nick Deroo & Judith Rijsenbrij
Director: Roos Drenth
Music: Roi Soleil & Valentijn Mallee
Photo: Jip Warmerdam
Special thanks to: AFK


I perform (proudly!) in the theatre show Boys Won’t be Boys by Rikkert van Huisstede. We have been touring from 2019 until this day. I also host the show sometimes. Check it out.

Photo: Bas de Brouwer

Rotterdam Pride 2019

I performed as the opening act of the Rotterdam Pride Confab 2019 at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

Photo: Jordy Brada
Special thanks to: Rotterdam Pride

Roi Soleil – Le Début

Roi Soleil graduation in 2019 at Codarts Rotterdam. Dressed in gold and screaming in an aerial hoop. Making sure he would be heard…

Special thanks: Codarts and the cast/crew (30 people…)

Thanks to some people who helped building Versailles:
Alina Stefan, Anne van de Wetering, Charlotte Dommershausen, Isabell Schulz, Jan Hürxkens, Jette Schneider, Jip Warmerdam, Joost Heijthuijsen, Laura de Moor, Marco Hoving, Marleen Rijsdijk, Mischa Dirksen, Rick Mouwen, Rikkert van Huisstede, Rosetta Drenth, Valentijn Mallee, Sanna Vrij

Other special thanks to:
A Cup of Cake, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Boys Won’t be Boys, CLUB GEWALT, Codarts Rotterdam, Delft Fringe Festival, Gemeente Halderberge, Karavaan Festival, O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theatre, Popunie, Rotterdam Pride, St. Laurentiuskerk, Studio Rewind, TimeWindow Rotterdam